ETH Zurich EU GrantsAccess and EURAXESS Zurich, Switzerland (Coordinator)


EU GrantsAccess is ETH Zurich’s EU Grants Office and EURAXESS Service Centre and is a unit of 14 persons directly reporting the Vice President of Research of ETH Zurich.


It is a joint initiative with the University of Zurich  and supports and promotes international academic cooperation between scientists and scholars. It informs and supports researchers on European research programmes. The office is an active participant in shaping the internationalisation strategy of both universities and their associated research centres.


As a member of the Swiss Information Network for EU Research Programmes, EU GrantsAccess closely collaborates with its partners on a national and international level and is currently involved in 450 EU projects including 150 Marie-Curie-Fellowships and 70 ERC projects. EU GrantsAccess is mandated as acting EURAXESS BHO in the EURAXESS TOPII project.


Team members


Sofia Karakostas

Sibylle Hodel

Annika Glauner

Eren Tosun

ETH Zurich: Dual Career Advise (DCA), Switzerland


The Office for Faculty Affairs of ETH Zurich is a unit of 10 persons and directly reporting to the President of ETH Zurich. The unit’s tasks include the preparation and organization of the hiring procedures for new faculty, the negotiations with top candidates and the integration of new faculty and their families after their arrival in Zurich. In view of the importance of the latter aspect, the unit’s Dual Career Advice (DCA) office was founded in 1999, the first of its kind in Europe. ETH Zurich’s DCA office has attracted wide attention over the last years and has often served as a role model for the establishment of similar offices.


Most recently the Board of ETH Zurich decided that dual career and integrations services should also be offered to younger scientists, thus enhancing the attractiveness of ETH Zurich as place for young scientists and their partners and family to pursue and develop the next step in their scientific career. Due to the broad experience in the area of dual career and integration, but also the mobility of scientists in general as well as the career development of young faculty, the President and the Board asked the Office for Faculty Affairs to outline a strategy for the implementation of dual career and integration services for scientists beyond faculty members.


Team members


Madeleine Lüthy

Dr. Thomas Eichenberger

Dr. Alexandra Zingg

Susanne Schuler

Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, CERTH, Greece


CERTH is a legal non-profit governmental entity organized under private law, under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT) of the Greek Ministry of Education, Lifelong Training and Religious Affairs. CERTH’s mission is to carry out basic and applied research with special emphasis in developing new products and services with industrial, economic and social impact. In the last three years, CERTH participates in or coordinates almost 300 active research projects.


CERTH is the EURAXESS BHO in Greece, and also acts as the National Contact Point for the People Specific Programme for Northern Greece. CERTH participates as WP leader responsible for the Promotion at the EURAXESS TOP II project, and as a Task leader responsible for the same topic at the PeopleNetwork+ project which aims at the development and implementation of a coordination mechanism for stimulating closer cooperation among National Contact Points for the PEOPLE programme in the Seventh Framework Programme. Additionally, CERTH was the coordinator of the E*CARE project that aimed at strengthening the services of EURAXESS members in support of researchers’ mobility, and enhancing the collaboration among Services Centres with different backgrounds on the basis of shared experience, practices and tools.


Finally, CERTH is also coordinating an Innovation Union call project that deals with intersectoral mobility of researchers in South-eastern Europe and their neighboring countries.



Team members


Dimitrios Sanopoulos

Achilleas Tsiligeridis

Slovak Academic Information Agency, SAIA, Slovak Republic


SAIA, is a non-governmental organisation with the status of Non-profit Organisation providing generally beneficial services according to the Law No. 213/1997. SAIA came to existence in 1990. It has experience in the administration of different mobility programmes for university students, PhD students, university teachers and researchers within bi-lateral and multilateral programmes. Currently SAIA runs offices in six university towns with 20 employees.


In 2011, the overall budget for scholarships and projects in all programmes totalled € 2.1 million including operational and other programme costs. SAIA also plays an important role in the promotion of academic mobility in Slovakia and is considered by public institutions as a highly relevant partner in the creation of the legal environment for academic and scientific mobility in Slovakia.


SAIA is involved in EURAXESS activities from 2004 as BHO, ESC and portal manager.  As a EURAXESS network member SAIA participated in the E*Care project and in the EURAXESS Portal Call (in the framework of the TOP I project). Within the Top II project SAIA is responsible for the task focusing on the preparation and coordination of capacity building in areas related to mobility issues.


Team Members


Katarina Kostalova

Janka Kottulova

Karla Zimanova

University of Tartu, TARTU, Estonia


University of Tartu is a legal person in public law acting in pursuance of the Constitution of the Republic of Estonia, the Republic of Estonia University of Tartu Act, the Republic of Estonia Universities Act, as well as these statutes and other bylaws of the university. The mission of the University of Tartu is to act as the leading force driving the development of knowledge-based society in Estonia and the guarantor of its continuity. In order to fulfill its mission, the University of Tartu advances research, education and culture and serves society through teaching and research, creating the preconditions for development of world-class research fields through international cooperation and, as Estonia’s national university, assuming its share of responsibility for the preservation of the Estonian people and nation.


The principal task of the Personnel Office of the University of Tartu  is to develop and implement personnel policies which support overall development in the university. The responsibilities of the office include recruitment and selection of personnel, elaboration of salary arrangements, planning and organising staff training, organisation of employment relations, administration of employment contracts (~3500) and keeping of personnel records, organisation of evaluation of employee performance, creating supportive work environment and ensuring health and safety in the workplace.


Team Members


Kristi Tenno

Sirli Urbas

Mari Nõmm


University of Copenhagen, KO, Denmark

ISM (International Staff Mobility) is a unit at The University of Copenhagen which employs and provides service to foreign researchers and their accompanying family members. The unit consists of 7 employees. ISM advises foreign researchers, PhD students and administrative personnel at Copenhagen University on all EURAXESS related topics taking into account the family issues.


ISM also gives advice to researchers who are stationed abroad and to administrative personnel about relocation abroad.


Furthermore, ISM processes working contracts to all foreign researchers and PhD Students. ISM Mobility offers a variety of services for foreign researchers and PhD students such as crash courses on daily life and courses in Danish.


Team Members


Vivian Tos Lindgaard

Mark de Vos

The consortium

In the TANDEM consortium, we combined Dual Career and Integration expertise and EURAXESS experience on a pan-European level. Integration Services have reached a new need to attract and better assist mobile researchers and their families. We worked on the one hand with very experienced EURAXESS members like CERTH and SAIA and ETH Zurich that have, since its beginnings with ERA-MORE, made extremely valuable contributions to the vision and implementation of EURAXESS network. On the other hand, Dual Career and Integrations services like the Dual Career Advice at the ETH Zurich and the International Staff Mobility ISM of the University of Copenhagen have assisted excellent researchers at their institutions for the last 10 to 15 years. The experience and lessons learned had to be shared and discussed and moved on further as a TANDEM.