Support and additional services are crucial for the integration of the international researcher


The two year project (1 October 2012 - 30 September 2014) that joined the forces between experienced Dual Career and Recruiting offices and Euraxess Service Centers. The team members from four different academic institutions in Europe strengthened the Euraxess Service Centers' activities by adding a complimentary focus on dual career and integration aspects.


  • Analysed the basic requirements for the successful implementation of Dual Career and Integration Initiatives
  • Developed a systematic and modular approach to these services
  • Set a special focus on brain circulation and how Dual Career and Integration Initiatives could influence the brain circulation positively

Dual Career and Integration Initiatives: what do we mean by these terms? 

  • Dual Career Couple: A couple where both partners pursue a career and aim to have a gainful employment. They may work in either academia or outside.
  • Integration Initiatives are related to the questions after an international move which are relevant for the well-being and settling of the new hires and their families in the new place.

Why dual career aspects?

  • A growing number of young researchers are on the move as dual career couples.
  • The universities and research institutions have to address this fact it if they want to attract talented young researchers. 
  • The attractiveness of universities and research institutions is no longer defined just by an excellent research environment, but by additional practical integration factors and most of all career prospects for both partners.

Tandem included 4 work packages

WP 1:

Modularisation of Dual Career and Integration Initiatives


WP 2:

Alternative Dual Career and Integration Initiatives: Brain Circulation: turning temporary brain drain into long term brain gain.


WP 3:

Twinning, Promotion and Dissemination Integration Initiatives


WP 4:

Coordination and Management

Tandem Results


  • provided a variety of building bricks of dual career and integration initiatives which can be used by each EURAXESS member as service modules according to the national or local specific needs, goals, as well as social and cultural boarder conditions.
  • recommended the EURAXESS network on the adequate and sustainable use of the modular building bricks of Dual Career and Integration modules.